A 5'2" woman who doesn't look like she has any business being in the martial fields, Aine is of pasty complexion and raging, obnoxiously thick red hair. Her face is painted with green tattoos, and her eyes are like inset emeralds. The hyur garbs herself in comfortable clothing, usually of a more tribal sort, finding the stifling finery of Gridania to be "fokin' unbearable torture devices".Unclad, she has a careful scrawl of geometric tattoos, head to toe, documenting the flows and flux of aether she has seen and heard from the Wood and helping her focus aether through her body. The hyur has a prodigeous reputation for both being able to hold a tremendous amount of alcohol, and being much more physical (and successfully so) than even her more heavy cousins, implying magic to the source of her strength.Aine almost constantly acts as if she were drunk, though markedly inconsistent in behavior to trained eyes. Regardless of her alcohol consumption, her gaze tends to teeter between dreamy and distant to fully lucid and piercing.


  1. Her choice of attire may seem reminiscent of the Padjal, and some theorize that this is intentional; that she is trying to feel less 'left out' by her kin. Or, maybe that's just how she was taught to dress.

  2. The aethersighted may notice that her aether is not so much 'weird' as it is overabundant; it's not particularly polarized or aspected, so she's not a Voidsent or anything of the sort. She just has a lot of anima, which is ironic considering her focus on succor-based arts.

  1. Aine constantly seems drunk, and indeed almost always seems to be drinking something that is very much a disgustingly pure amount of alcohol. Despite that, she bears sharp wits and a focused gaze to those who observe her, and to trained psychologists, her behavior is markedly inconsistent with the habits of both the drunk and alcoholics.

  2. Aine is a Hearer. While she doesn't usually want to, she does VERY OCCASIONALLY get forced to wear the purple robes and hats common to them. She invariably looks very uncomfortable.

Name:Aine of House Rin A.K.A. 'The unimportant one'
Title(s):The Wolpertinger of Gridania, The Mad Axewoman, The Godhunter, Iron Maiden
Class:幻術士/Conjurer/モンク/Monk monkas
Subclass:戦士/Warrior/ mad because smtall
Race:ヒューラン | Hyur pure 100% vanilla extract
Clan:ミッドランダー族 | Midlander Group see race
Height:Five fulms, two ilms. (5'2", 157.5 cm) haha short
Weight:One hundred and thirty one ponze (131.3 lbs, 59.4 kgs) of pure rage
Hair:VIOLENTLY RED no soul, full of pilk :(
Age:Thirties, but lookin' twenty. Padjal blood counts for something, I guess.
Nameday:24th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon November 24th
Alignment:Neutral Good neutral drunk lmao
Patron:Take a wild guess Nophica, obviously
Deity:The Elementals and also Nophica, who is(?) the Elementals, but also isn't, somehow, maybe.
Address(s)::( I'm on Mateus, you think she has a house? Adorable.


The Order of the Twin Adders (Common)Aine is a foulmouth and troublemaker by habit, and a troublesolver by necessity - a notorious drunk and impropious woman who regularly runs afoul of some custom or another, or for excessive threats or violence in her duties. In this, Padjal siblings work for her, as she can often get out of messes most other people would be in gaol for... even if their attitude toward her generally seems to be pity. More often than not, Aine is sentenced to community service, which generally means mandatory service in the Adder. 
Conjurers (Common)Aine is well known amidst the conjurers. Despite the disappointment of not being a Padjal, she is a skilled conjurer - just often overlooked in favor of her siblings, who are for obvious reasons leagues more proficient than she is. Regardless, she is a Hearer and works in official capacity as a conjurer. Best known for her enigmatic interpretations of liturgy and for being impatient and hot-headed, she nonetheless serves the interest of the Fane with zeal. 
Bandits/Poachers (Rare)Contrarily to her perception among the Fane, Aine is known to be quite merciful. There are tales in which she lets accused poachers and bandits go after apprehending them on the excuse that they were just making ends meet, and even one where she helps butcher their kill and sends them on their way. That said, she's still considered to be a violent wildcard - since if she discovers one is lying to her, or in the cases she doesn't have the luxury of showing mercy, she isn't averse to knocking someone's teeth in before turning them over. 
All ye Drinkers (Reknowned)Aine is legendary amongst Gridanian - and some non-Gridanian - drinking circles. Monikered 'The Iron Maiden' or alternatively 'The Wolpertinger', she drinks ale that can put down men thrice her size like water. The Brewmasters of Gridania have taken to making stronger and stronger concoctions in a futile attempt to conquer her metabolism, but to date have not purportedly succeeded. There are also lesser known (and not believed) tall-tales of Aine drinking straight up poison and sleeping draught and not even noticing. If only she shared this resistance with spice... 
The Godhunter (Uncommon)Aine purportedly possesses a personal, unstated vendetta against primals and Voidsent. Formerly 'Demon Hunter', she upgraded to 'Godhunter' after providing support to a Flames-based operation to routinely cull the primal Ifrit. Accounts of the event are scarce, but she (and an unexpected number of her accompaniment) survived, and Ifrit did not. That said, despite the reknown, she doesn't talk about it much aside from giving mad rambles when pressed about how primals are 'the literal worst'. In recent times, the cure for the Tempered has made her stance even more closed off on the matter. 
Wild Heart (Common)Aine is no stranger to the world of nature. She possesses a natural affinity for beastkin, cloudkin, wavekin, seedkin, and vilekin in order of effectiveness, and those around her tend to be safe in her presence so long as they don't provoke an attack. She has an instinct for where to find flora and fauna, even in unfamiliar ecosystems, based on the knowledge she's gleaned. By choice, Aine spends much of her time in the Shroud, living off the land and out of the city proper.